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April 1, 2012 / whirlingneedles

Knitters in Black

Some of you have commented recently about the lack of Agent K stories lately, and have pushed me to publish more frequently. It’s true, I haven’t been publishing as much lately, but it’s not because I’m too busy eating Cadbury eggs and watching Netflix. (That’s just this weekend’s excuse.) It’s because I’ve had something in the works for quite awhile. Something big and exciting.

Are you ready?

Okay, here it is.


Knitters in Black: Agent K Pulls the Wool over the Eyestalks will be available very soon in the Amazon Kindle store as an e-book. Not only that, but we here at Whirlingneedles are in the process of getting hardbacks printed by a very reputable printing house for a very reasonable price. We will be partnering with Amazon on order fulfillment. Soon you will be able to proudly display your Agent K literature cheek-by-jowl with such spy literary giants as Dorothy Gilman and John Le Carre.

For those of you who don’t have a Kindle, the Nook and the Sony Reader editions will follow shortly. We don’t want anyone left behind. (Please, those of you with Kindles, don’t spoil the exciting ending for anyone. Spoilers posted here, on Facebook, or on Ravelry will be deleted as ruthlessly as Agent K pursues the aliens.)

Head over the Amazon now to snag your copy!

knitters in black



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  1. rebelovesbooks / Apr 1 2012 2:34 pm

    Bwahaha! I want a copy bound in leather to display next to my copies of Don Quixote and Pride and Prejudice!

  2. BenefitsGeek01 / Apr 1 2012 5:54 pm

    I’m hoping to be able to use the volume in my next series of employee meetings to illustrate what may happen to those who actually save for retirement, have extra time on their hands, have become shareholders in a major corporation and will be able in the future to support their aging parents and dogs in the manner to which we would all like to become accustomed!

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